Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Build Your Business

TrafficWave provides you with a lot of great support.
First: great training.
Second: amazing promotional material.
Third: personal support.
And it is all FREE!
There are great affiliate programs you can use to promote your business as you make additional money.
My favorites are AdKreator, track. me, Vital Viral Pro and Affiliate Funnel.
Every one of these programs are great business builders.
AdKreator is where you create your advertising.
1)    Splash pages
2)    Squeeze pages
3)    Banner
4)    Buttons
5)    Peel away ads
6)    Website Headers
7)    Click Bank
8)    List Building Package.

You see there are great possibilities in AdKreator.
I use this program to promote my online businesses with great success.
You should promote yourself.
Splash your picture all over the internet.

I will be posting more, hopefully helpful information, for you.
Building a business takes time online or offline.
TrafficWaveMatrix Busters is a great program but it takes time to build it.
Take your time the reason we give you 60 days is to give you time to
Build a paying business.
So use the 60 days well,
I wish you great success!
e-mail: xert14@gmail.com

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How Affiliate Funnel can help you

We all need traffic to our websites.
The funnel will help you do that.
They provide an e-book with detailed instructions.
Here is the link click here.

Here is the Table of Contents
1 What is Affiliate Funnel?
2 How do I set up Affiliate Funnel?
3 Set up your profile
4 Set up your Money programs
5 Exchanging your Money page
6 Branding yourself
7 Promoting your links
8 Building down-lines
9 Promoting your business opportunities
10 Promoting the in-built Splash Funnels
11 Using tags
12 Auto-domain detection
13 Funnel Rotator
14 Activating your Funnels
15 And more.

Download the book it is FREE!
It is easy to use has a lot of useful information.
If you have problem or questions e-mail me any time!
I wish you great success.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Matrix Busters

This Blog is dedicated to my fellow TrafficWave Matrix Busters

When you sign up for Matrix Busters, TrafficWave will give you

30 days free.

Then I will pay for your next 30 days out of my own pocket that is 60 days!  

The idea is to give you time to set up your system.

If you play your cards right you should have 3 paid members

in your down-line by now to pay for your monthly membership.

TrafficWave provides you with a lot of great items for you to build your business.

Once you have signed up for Matrix Busters in the first e-mail you get

will be a link to the training series, sign up for that right away.

Just follow the instructions.

If you get stuck just e-mail me any time.

I will be posting a lot of useful information here.

I have been using TrafficWave Auto-Responder for a long time

besides being a Ato-Responder that I use for all my online businesses

I am making money on the affiliate program.

If you are an online marketer   a TrafficWave   Auto-responder is a must for you!

On the top of my Blog you will see a page that sais

 “How Auto-Responders Can Make You More Money’.

Read that and see the possibilities.

Sign up now for the free information click here now 

If you have questions or need help e-mail me any time!

I wish you great success in all you do.